​​​​​Overseas learning experiences:

  • help to broaden and internationalise the outlook of students and educators
  • involve opportunities to spend time in another country
  • allow international delegates to exp​erience Victoria and our education system.

Overseas learning experiences are available for teachers, school leaders and students in Victorian schools. To view the guide, see: Sister School Resource Kit

Programs for students

An overseas learning experience gives students the opportunity to live and learn in a different culture. Students develop cultural literacy, global k​nowledge, cross cultural communication skills and international networks.

These skills have been identifie​d as essential to 21st century learners who will be looking at their future employment opportunities and life choices from a global perspective.

For more information, see: ​Victorian Young Leaders.

Considerations when planning an Overseas Learning Experience​

When planning your overseas learning program, it is important to consider the potential impact of your group’s program. 

The Commonwealth Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has developed smart volunteering guidelines to advise schools of their responsibilities when travelling overseas. This is a valuable resource and should form part of your planning process. 

For more information, see: Smart Volunteering

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