Parents waving young international student off to school​Choosing a Victorian government school has opened an exciting window into your future. We look forward to welcoming you in person. 

We have created a pre-departure guide just for you. This guide has information to help you get ready to travel and prepare for study in Victoria. Even though the information is mostly for you, your parents will also find this guide helpful and reassuring.

You might have already collected some information about your new school, city of Melbourne or living in Victoria. We want you to feel secure and happy from the moment you arrive. The guide has useful tips about student life in Victoria and what to expect when you get here. There are also handy details like websites and phone numbers.

You’re about to take an important step in life. You will be well looked after in our schools from the day you arrive. Each school has a dedicated staff member to provide you with welfare support 24 hours a day. Your teachers will support you with the knowledge and skills to pursue your dreams.

We know your classmates will enjoy having you study with them as you bring a wealth of new ideas, cultures and languages. Make sure you get involved in extra-curricular activities to help you settle in and make new friends. 

We are confident that you will have a fulfilling educational experience and make lifelong friendships here with us in Victoria.

You can prepare now to achieve success in your studies in Victoria, see: Pre-departure and homestay guide.

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Pre-departure before you start in a Victorian government school (2:14 mins)

Last Update: 20/12/2023 10:40 AM