Get the edge on the global competition

Studying in a Victorian government school opens up many different options and pathways for further university or vocational study, and helps you plan your dream career.

Our international student graduates are provided with pathways to top 100 world-ranked universities in Melbourne, Australia and across the globe.

The richness, diversity and flexibility of the school curriculum in Victoria will help you plan for a successful future.

There's sure to be a pathway for you when you study in Melbourne or our student cities in Victoria. In fact, approximately 90 percent of our 2021 graduates choose to stay in Victoria for their further education. 

Tertiary students walking with books in hand

The benefits of going to a Victorian university

Victoria offers a wide variety of universities to choose from with locations spread across metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding student cities. If your primary and secondary schooling is in Victoria, you may already be familiar with the campus locations of our universities and how to get there. You may also have friends who will be attending with you.

There are also several accommodation options available. You can choose homestay or move into various different types of university student accommodation.

Why choose a Melbourne or Victorian university

  1.  If you love learning, you'll want to live in a city that's a centre for research, innovation and creativity.
  2. We're home to many world-class universities, with two in the top ten universities in Australia. 
  3. Our two top universities rank in the top 100 in the world for their research as well as their courses.
  4. Melbourne is one of the top cities for learning in the world.

Why choose a Melbourne or Victorian vocational provider

If you like practical and hands-on instruction with a clear outcome or purpose, you may prefer to enrol in vocational education after you finish school.

Vocational courses are an alternative to tertiary study at a university which relate to getting a job, and assessment is based on how well you do the tasks needed for that job rather than by exams.

You can study these courses:

  • at a government-owned Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institute
  • at a university
  • through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Qualifications and skills to set you apart

Choose your pathway from school into further education or other career options and gain qualifications you can take with you around the world. Our school, university and vocational qualifications are internationally respected and recognised.

You can stand out in the international career market. We produce sought-after graduates year after year who gain enviable jobs all across the world.

An overseas education and one in a Victorian government school can give you the edge and experience that recruiters are looking for, including:

  • English language ability
  • creative thinking skills
  • initiative
  • a 'global mindset'
  • networking skills.

Get easy access to expert advice

Our curriculum will encourage you to dream about a future that potentially can see you being anywhere. And our teachers and careers advisors will keep your feet on the ground to encourage you and provide you with sensible advice.

Talk to the specialist careers advisors in your school for practical and strategic guidance about your career choices!

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CRICOS Course Names and Codes: Primary (Prep to Year 6), 019047G; Secondary (7-12), 019048F; Victorian College of the Arts Secondary Course (7-12), 028651A.
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