Victoria is the Education State. We put individual students at the centre of everything we do – from building cutting-edge school facilities, providing opportunities to every student regardless of background and improving student outcomes.

We care for all our students and give them the support they need so they can achieve their best – from providing over 90 different subjects that best suit each learner, to lesson plans and having dedicated support staff.

Victoria also has an internationally recognised school education system with a strong internationalisation focus within the curriculum.

Therefore, our schools and communities have a strong multicultural spirit, and this includes lessons offering global contexts.

Highschool students studying together

​A unique system

Four key things make our education system unique:

  • our teaching – high academic achievement is central to the way we teach.
    Our teachers get to know each of their students, foster in them a sense of belonging and value them as independent learners

    With the support of teachers who genuinely care and listen, students can produce great results by being more engaged in school, and feeling better overall. Two-way teacher/student classroom interaction and extra support when needed are just some of the ways that teachers are helping students achieve their education goals 

    Students come to love learning here because we celebrate:

      • different learning styles and pace
      • creative and independent thinking
      • intercultural understanding and a global mindset
      • and personal and social development.

  • Our learning spaces – modern, award-winning classrooms and buildings for learning in an interactive and exciting way. Our schools provide access to technology for all students and innovative spaces which are designed to make it easier work together in small or large groups

  • Our curriculum – a well-balanced, well-rounded curriculum providing diverse pathways and directions for every student. Providing choices via subject electives allows you to build your own program and study the subjects you love. Not all subjects are compulsory
  • Our qualifications – the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is a world-renowned senior high school certificate offering over 90 subjects. There is also a range of other vocational qualifications which can attained while at school.

Success for international students

We have excellent literacy and numeracy standards.

Victorian students are among Australia's best for numeracy and literacy, according to the: 2021 National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) Summary Report.

The average scores for Victorian students were higher than the Australian average across four year levels for:

  • reading
  • writing
  • language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) 
  • and numeracy.

Stable and credible 

Deciding where to go to school is not easy, and the options can be complex. It's important to study with an education provider that you can trust.

We are:

  • a government provider, meaning rigorous standards for student safety, education, welfare and support for every school in our program
  • here for the long-term with no risk of suddenly shutting down
  • have nearly 30 years' experience in welcoming international students to our schools
  • an educator of thousands of students each year. 

High expectations, high performers

Victorian international students succeed because teachers invest their time in creating the right learning environment.

This helps students to constantly achieve better results:                                 

Approximately 98% of students from Victorian government schools successfully complete VCE in 2021.

A popular partner and respected advisor

Other education departments around the world seek our advice and help for developing high-level policy and curriculum. This is evidence of the superior quality of our teaching methods and academic content in Victoria, Australia.

Other school systems seek us out for:

  • credible advice
  • examples of best practice
  • teaching, curriculum, assessment and inclusion innovation
  • ·Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education
  • intercultural understanding and global citizenship.

CRICOS Provider Name and Code: Department of Education, 00861K.
CRICOS Course Names and Codes: Primary (Prep to Year 6), 019047G; Secondary (7-12), 019048F; Victorian College of the Arts Secondary Course (7-12), 028651A.
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