​​​​Open your eyes to the wonders of learning, inside and outside the classroom in one of our schools. The style of teaching in Australian schools is different from teaching in many other countries. The type of learning that you will find in a Victorian government school is highly valued around the world.

Classrooms in Australia

In the classroom in Victoria, Australia, students learn in many different ways. Classroom teaching is interactive and exciting. Students take part in discussions and ask questions. The classroom atmosphere and energy are positive and supportive.

The classroom is wherever students learn best: in a school or in a park, a zoo, a museum or a gallery. Learning takes place independently and in a group, in the classroom and outside of class time. Find out more about school life in a Victorian g​​overnment school​.

three students together doing a lab experiment.

Students and teachers

The relationship between students and teachers in a classroom in Victoria may be more relaxed than you are used to, but the relationship is still very much based on respect.

Your teachers will support, challenge and inspire you. They are easy to approach and talk to on a personal level, and they will treat you with respect. Teachers will always help if you don’t understand something. You will also have your International Student Coordinator who you can go for all kinds of support inside and outside your studies​.

You will have more personal, one-on-one attention with your teacher. Our secondary class sizes and student/teacher ratios are better than the OECD average.

Why learn the Victorian way?

In a Victorian government school, you will be able to:

  • have the best possible grounding in the English language – our English as an Additional Language (EAL) programs are outstanding
  • build your own knowledge base – you’ll be more active than just ‘remember and report’
  • express, analyse and develop your own ideas and opinions
  • learn the way that suits you best – our teachers cater for different learning styles
  • use the latest technologies – we are always improving our teaching and learning
  • gain the confidence to ask questions and interact with students and teachers
  • become an independent, confident learner – we focus on critical thinking and ‘hands-on’ learning
  • have a strong personal relationship with your teacher – a key factor in your success.

How we teach

Teaching and learning in schools in Victoria is firstly about exploring and engaging with the world around you. Our teaching methods in Australia are why many of our international students find studying in Victorian schools refreshing and exciting.

In Victoria we recognise that teacher quality is the single-most important in-school factor influencing student achievement.

Victorian teachers continuously seek to improve their instructional practice, using frameworks such as the national standards and instructional models to provide a stimulating and caring learning environment with a clear focus on student achievement. There is an expectation of schools that they will adopt or adapt an evidence-based instructional model that best responds to their local context

What we teach our teachers

Students need high quality teachers and school leaders in order to learn. We place great importance on investing in our teachers' skills. All of our teachers are university qualified. They are always updating and expanding their skills.

We believe that every Victorian student deserves the best education system in Australia. The Victorian Government strives for passionate and talented principals, teachers and education support staff. ​See our Practice Principles for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to find out what guides the way we teach and the way our students learn.

How we lead

In Victoria, we believe that great leadership drives excellence in the classroom. That’s why we see our teachers as leaders, as well as our school principals. With leaders at all levels of a school, students have many levels of guidance and support.​​

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