2023 Victorian Global Learning Award Success Stories

Shin Thant (Berry) - Doncaster Secondary College - Myanmar

​Year 11 VCE Subjects ​Year 12 VCE Subjects
​University Name/ Course
​Extra-Curricular Activities
​English 1-2
Health and Human Development 3-4
Chinese as a Second Language 3-4
Mathematical Methods 1-2 General Mathematics 1-2 Chemistry 1-2
​English as an Additional Language 3-4
Mathematical methods 3-4 General Mathematics 3-4 Chemistry 3-4
Aspiring to study Deakin University, Bachelor of Vision Science or Masters of Optometry

- College Captain

- Student representative council

- Civics Awards winner

- Head mentor at VCE mentorship program

international student infront of a classroom

Year 11 Student Leadership Award - Victorian Global Learning Awards

"Ultimately, I believe that the best quality about leadership is the ability to stand up for the people, be their voice and strive for what is correct - not what is popular."

Berry has always dreamed of a making a difference for the betterment of her home country. Studying in Australia gave her that chance; one she has grasped with extraordinary enthusiasm. Since studying in Victoria, she has successfully secured esteemed leadership roles on her school's Student Representative Council, in her local community's youth advisory committee and is currently representing the 2023 School Captain. Alongside her impressive leadership achievements, Berry was also the 2022 champion of the Victorian International Student Public Speaking competition and has received a scholarship to the University of Melbourne's high achievers' program. Berry's experience has inspired her to continue leading in the future where she hopes to one day help young people in Myanmar also become leaders.

Shusuke - Sandringham College - Japan

​Year 11 VCE Subjects ​Year 12 VCE Subjects
​University Name/ Course
​Extra-Curricular Activities
Mathematical Methods 3–4
English 1–2
Studio Arts 1–2
Visual Communication Design 1-2
Japanese language 3-4 

Mathematical methods 3-4
English as an additional language 3-4
Art Making and
Exhibiting 3-4
General Mathematics 3-4

Aspiring to study Monash University Information Technology or Design

- Manager of Art Club

- Designed mascot characters for his school

- Winner of programming festival

international student infront of a classroom

Year 11 Arts Achievement (Visual Arts) Award - Victorian Global Learning Awards

"In part of the character design I followed the motif of a flower, the 'forget-me-not', which has the meaning remember me and true friendship."

Shusuke's emotionally evoking artworks demonstrate his extraordinary skill, using techniques of light and shadow to captivate the viewer. Shusuke draws inspiration from diverse sources, such as Monet’s 1875 painting ‘Woman with a Parasol,’ Japanese animator Daisuke Tsutsumi and the natural elements of the forget-me-not flower. His artistic approach includes creating 3D computer graphic models before drawing his artworks on a digital tablet. For Shusuke, missing his home drove a passion for childhood memories, which became a key theme he wanted to express in his artwork. Shusuke is a talented and creative artist who produces work at a professional level.

Meichou- Keysborough College - Cambodia

Year 11 Subjects
Year 12 Subjects 
University Name/ Course
Extra-Curricular Activites
Mathematical Methods 1–2
Mathematics 1–2
English 1–2
Chemistry 1–2
Biology 3–4
Chinese Second Language 3-4

Mathematical Methods 3–4
Mathematics 3-4
English as an 
Additional Language 3–4 
Chemistry 3-4

Aspiring to study
Monash University, Bachelor of Pharmacy

- Student Leadership

- Digital technology captain

- Sport: Badminton

- STEM club

- Volunteering at local pharmacy

- Community involvement

international student infront of a classroom

Year 11 Academic Excellence Award - Victorian Global Learning Awards

"As Year 11 Captain, my main goal for this year was to improve the mental health of my peers and provide as much support as possible, to help them feel at home.”

Meichou amassed many impressive academic achievements throughout the year, and as a result of her diligence and commitment, Meichou was awarded Dux of Year 11 and was chosen to be part of the University of Melbourne’s Young Scholars Program.  As a measure of her all-round drive and capability, Meichou was appointed Keysborough College’s 2022 Campus Vice Captain and Year 11 Captain. Meichou also demonstrated her care for others by setting up weekly support sessions for her international peers to help them through the pressures of lockdowns and being separated from their families. She’s proven herself as an outstanding student and an inspiring role model.

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