Global Youth Forums

The Global Youth Forum (GYF) is a collaborative forum open to Year 9 Victorian students and select international schools. The program has been running successfully since 2020 as an alternative to the Victorian Young Leaders offshore immersion programs.

The program's learning design aligns with the capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities of the Victorian F-10 Curriculum and the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) 2.0 areas of 'Engagement' and 'Teaching and learning'. 

Benefits for students

Students participating in the program:

  • appreciate and understand what it means to be a global citizen by critically interacting with the concept of globalisation, comparing diverse perspectives of globalisation, and identifying how globalisation influences their life
  • deepen their understanding of the impacts of globalisation on education systems and policies by exploring key issues in education today, and identifying the bias and influences that shape their worldview, and their role in shaping global citizenship
  • strengthen their awareness of their own biases and the biases of others and recognise that this awareness is needed to overcome divisions and create inclusive communities
  • identify ways they can respond to diverse views and behaviours and the role they can play in making their vision for the local and global community a reality
  • strengthen their global competency and metacognitive skills, as well as meaningfully exercise their voice, agency and leadership.

Program structure

In this program, students work across Victorian schools and with their international student peers to critically discuss concepts of global citizenship and identity. The participants investigate global challenges facing the international community, exercise design thinking to generate ideas to these challenges, and undertake a collaborative group design challenge that seeks to prototype a solution.

Students are provided an opportunity to present and seek feedback on their prototypes from their peers and teachers, and are encouraged to pilot their prototypes back in their local school communities. 

Teachers and students are supported by pre-forum and post-forum activities designed to build their foundational knowledge for maximum engagement, and are exposed to captivating guest speakers and youth change-makers.

Key dates

The indicative dates for the next GYF cohorts are Term 3 and Term 4, 2024. More information will be released once the dates are confirmed.

To express interest in the GYF program for Term 3, 2024, contact:

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