Schools in Victoria, Australia offer environments designed to enable you to thrive during your learning.

Whether you choose the city of Melbourne or our student cities across Victoria. Wherever you are you can expect to experience a variety of flexible, dynamic, connected learning spaces all providing diversity in how you learn.

We take students out of the classroom into the wider world and bring the inclusive community back into our schools.

Students at the centre

Our vision for school design begins with our students. The physical setting impacts the way you learn.

Learning is open, exciting and full of possibility. You will feel this as you experience adventurous fresh and modern design throughout our schools in Victoria, Australia.

Our schools recognise how informal learning spaces are just as important as structured and formal lessons.

Good design is flexible. We need a rich variety of spaces in our schools because you learn in different ways and need to do a range of activities in education. Our school designs encourage work that is:

  • individual
  • team-based
  • reflective
  • creative
  • technology rich
  • hands-on.

Linking lessons to indoor, outdoor spaces and beyond

Our teachers link their lessons into the space where they're teaching as well as to your individual needs.

Well-designed spaces make it easier for students and teachers to work together in small or large groups.

By being a student in a government school in Victoria, Australia you will learn:

  • both inside and outside the classroom walls
  • to engage in activities in flexible outdoor spaces, connecting you to the natural environment and to your community 
  • in zones using appropriate furniture and materials for certain types of learning including:
    • soft-seating areas for small-group collaboration
    • quiet places for students to reflect and work individually
    • makerspaces (using furniture with built-in storage for supplies and materials) – where students can develop problem-solving skills by sitting alongside teachers, parents or mentors.

  • by continuously thinking and exploring as well as also experiencing opportunities on a global scale.

Technology enriching our learning spaces

Technology brings the world into our classrooms and gives you the chance to reach out across the world. Laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards, video conferencing, smart devices, 3D printing and robotics are all part of our modern learning environments. 

Redesign for a sustainable future, learning from examples

When we design and redesign our schools in Victoria, we're always looking to the future.

Ecologically sustainable school design ensures:

  • we provide the right type of learning environment, going beyond the design of the classrooms; for example, including how the common areas and cafeterias function holistically
  • we prepare and empower our students so that they assume responsibility for creating and enjoying a sustainable future
  • learning happens naturally at anytime and anywhere.

The Victorian Government is investing in a range of infrastructure projects. This will therefore provide our local and international students with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment into the future. 

Read more information on this from the Victorian School Building Authority

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