​​​​Study Tours give international students a suitcase full of advantages.  Specialist English tuition, exciting excursions and classes with Victorian students are just the beginning.

  • Themes ensure the learning goals of each study tour group are achieved.
  • Victoria’s world class education helps students become life-long learners. 
  • Experiencing another culture and lifestyle develops students into global citizens.

Short term study tours are packed with new experiences, family, friends and fun.  So students take home real educational benefits, whether their stay lasts days or weeks. 

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About study tours

Victorian study tours give overseas students a passport to success.  During their visit, students improve English skills, grow in confidence and explore Australian culture.

Short-term study tours are hosted in Victorian government schools.  Each tour is tailored to the visit duration and group interests in one or more study tour themes.

Tour groups study with Victorian students in modern educational facilities.  Study Tour excursions include hands on learning and prize-winning attractions.

Key student benefits

Victoria is a renowned international education destination where overseas students learn in new and challenging ways.  Each study tour is an educational journey towards:

Study tour educational journey: improved English language skill, gaining academic advantages, discovering leadership ability, growing international awareness, newfound student confidence Study tour program

Victorian Study Tours offer a distinct difference. Overseas students quickly gain English language confidence with support from home and school. Creative teaching, advanced resources and inspiring excursions stimulate learning.

Students experience Australian culture first hand with their carefully chosen Homestay family.

Award winning educational experiences are included in Victorian Study Tour themes. View the PDF for sample programs of Victorian Study Tours themes:

  • Science and Technology
  • Performing and Visual Arts
  • Leadership and Sport

What study tours include

Each Study Tour is unique. Students take home fun, factual and fascinating benefits. Study Tours provide lifetime learning advantages gained through features, such as:

  • school activities, from a warm welcome to classes with Victorian students
  • specialist English classes so students quickly gain English language confidence
  • interactive and engaging excursions themed to study group learning goals
  • becoming part of an Australian family with caring Homestay accommodation
  • buddies at home and school who help students make lasting friendships
  • celebrating students’ success in a special Study Tour graduation.

Victorian study tours

Students: Primary and secondary school students aged 10 and above.

Duration: 3 days to 12 weeks

Availability: Study Tours are hosted during Victorian school terms. Contact study.tours@education.vic.gov.au for further information on availability.

Group sizes: From 10 to 20+ participants, managed as follows:

  • Small groups: a minimum of 10 but less than 20 students are hosted by one school.
  • Large groups: 20+ students are hosted by two or more schools.
  • Dedicated English classes: English as an Additional Language (EAL) groups are limited to 20 students.

Tour leaders: Study Tour groups must include one or two accompanying adults.

Planning a study tour

Victorian Study Tours are arranged in three simple steps:

  1. Contact a Study Tour Operator​ Word 65kb
  2. Check Victorian School Term dates ​to plan your Study Tour timing and duration.
  3. Choose one or more tour themes and create a tailored study program.

For further information on study tour and homestay fees see, please contact: study.tours@education.vic.gov.au.

Victorian Study Tours are rich and rewarding learning experiences. Each is tailored so students take home a suitcase full of advantages. Inside and outside the classroom, international students discover their own strengths and the wonders of learning.

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