​​​​Study Tours give international students a suitcase full of advantages.  Specialist English tuition, exciting excursions and classes with Victorian students are just the beginning.

  • Themes ensure the learning goals of each study tour group are achieved.
  • Victoria’s world class education helps students become life-long learners. 
  • Experiencing another culture and lifestyle develops students into global citizens.

Short term study tours are packed with new experiences, family, friends and fun.  So students take home real educational benefits, whether their stay lasts days or weeks. 

Victorian Young Leaders to China Program. Live, learn, explore

For further information on study tour and homestay fees see, please contact: international@education.vic.gov.au.

Victorian Study Tours are rich and rewarding learning experiences. Each is tailored so students take home a suitcase full of advantages. Inside and outside the classroom, international students discover their own strengths and the wonders of learning.

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