Connecting Schools with Indian Communities (CSIC) Program

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The Connecting Schools with Indian Communities (CSIC) Program is a funding program administered by the International Education Division of the Department of Education. The program provides guidance and funding to build activities and initiatives that support collaborative partnerships between schools, the Indian diaspora and the broader community. The CSIC program forms part of the Victorian Government’s 10-year strategy to strengthen Victoria’s ties with India; Victoria’s India Strategy: Our Shared Future. The CSIC program objectives are:

  • for schools across Victoria to have strong, sustainable and meaningful connections with the Indian community in order to provide students with global citizenship opportunities
  •  to increase the 'cultural mobility' of Victorian students, enabling them to understand, appreciate and respect different cultural contexts 
  • to present Victorian students with opportunities to develop intercultural understanding and 21st century skills
  • to provide Victorian students with the opportunity to be socially engaged and live in inclusive communities. 
The program provides Victorian government schools with support to create collaborative partnerships with the Indian diaspora, build student and community intercultural capability and global awareness, and enhance awareness and understanding of India. These outcomes are designed to ensure every Victorian is equipped with intercultural capabilities and can contribute, achieve and succeed in a globally connected Victoria. 

Through this program, schools are able to apply individually or as a cluster for a single round of funding of up to $25,000. Successful schools are funded using the Schools Targeted Funding Governance Model (STFGM). 

To express interest, read the CSIC Program Guide (the Guide) and email a completed copy of the Application and Project Proposal Template (contained within the Guide) to by 3 April 2023. 

A representative from the International Education Division will be in contact with further details on the selection process.
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