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Getting Involved​ in the 2019 VYLC

The Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC) Program is award winning, six-week in-country immersion program for Year 9 stu​dents, designed to help prepare them to live and work as global citizens and future leaders in a more inter-connected world.

The program is a life-changing opportunity for students and teachers to live and attend school in China. Combining language and cultural learning with persona​l development and leadership skills, the program focuses on one of Australia’s main trading partners, China.

To provide flexibility and enc​ourage wide participation across Government, Catholic and Independent schools, three program options are available in 2019.

  1. ​​State-Wide Program
  2. ​​Sister School Partnership Program
  3. Overseas Language Study Grant Program​

Benefits for students

The VYLC program is a life-changing immersion experience in which students combine language and cultural learning with accelerated personal and leadership development.

Students who have taken part in the VYLC program, have returned with a heightened understanding of contemporary China, its culture and history, and its educational and political landscape. Past students have returned with an increased confidence and developed a broader, international perspective on their future careers, particularly China.

While the VYLC Program has ha​d a genuine impact on students’ learning and aspirations, there are proven, significant benefits for both teachers and schools as well.

Benefits for teachers

  • Knowledge about teaching and learning in a high performing Chinese school
  • New knowledge and skills for international ‘people to people’ engagement
  • Capacity to build international partnerships
  • New insights about and understanding of the social and cultural diversity of China
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and society
  • More critical and analytical approaches to professional practice
  • A desire for further personal and professional learning

Benefits for schools

  • Strengthening of Chinese language programs
  • Provide students with a lived experience of global learning and engagement
  • The opportunity to exchange and learn from high-performing schools in China
  • Increased engagement for language learning and internationalisation from the broader community

Program options and key dates

Applications for 2019 VYLC program options have now closed.

The following program options are available for schools: ​

Program OptionsSt​atewide P​rogramSister School ProgramOverseas Language Study
Grant Program
Application TypeSchool applicationSchool applicationIndividual student application
Program EligibilityVictorian secondary schools offering Chinese Second Language Program (Year 9 level in 2019)

Students enrolling in Chinese Second Language Program in Year 9 in 2019 as continuing learners of the subject (completed Years 7 and 8 level)

One teacher to accompany up to 8 students (1:8 ratio)

Victorian secondary schools with an active sister-school partnership in China

Students enrolled in Year 9 in 2019

One teacher to accompany up to 8 students (1:8 ratio)

Individual student enrolling in Year 9 Chinese Second Language at a Victorian secondary school in 2019

Completed Years 7 and 8 Chinese Second Langauge studies

​Program Duration​6 weeks in China​6 weeks in China (minimum 4 weeks in-school program)​Minimum 6 weeks in China
Travel DatesIntake 1: March / April 2019

Intake 2: October / November 2019
Participating Victorian schools determine dates of their programIndividual students determine program dates
Key DatesApplications have now closed for 2019 VYLC program options. 
​Contact Information​Email: vylc@edumail.vic.gov.au


The VYLC Program is funded through a co-contribution model, with parents/guardians contributing $3,000 and the Department​ funding the balance of the core program costs. The entire cost is funded by the Department for students whose parent/guardian holds a current health care or pensioner concession card that lists the student by name. Please note that fully funded places are capped at 35% of total places for all program models.

The Department funds core program costs for the accompanying teacher, noting that any teacher replacement cost is the responsibility of the participating school.

Any incidental costs (e.g. passports and spending money) are the responsibility of the participating students and teachers.

Core program costs include:

  • All travel arrangements, including return airfares, visas, insurance for government schools only
  • Accommodation, meals and activities organised by the Chinese partners
  • Student uniform and curriculum materials.

How to apply

Application forms for all 2019 programs are available online, and must be submitted as a PDF to vylc@edumail.vic.gov.au

Applications for the 2019 VYLC Programs; Statewide Programs (March/April or October/November), the Sister School Partnerships Program and Overseas Language Study Grant have now closed.

For more information​, see:

  1. VYLC Statewide Application Form and Fact Sheet PDF 144kb | RTF PDF 41mb  
  2. VYLC Sister School Partnership Application Form and Fact Sheet PDF 207kb | RTF PDF 17mb
  3. VYLC Overseas Learning Grant Application Form and Fact Sheet PDF 163kb | RTF PDF 15mb
  4. VYLC Information for Principals and Teachers PDF 1.5mb | RTF PDF 4.8mb

Promotional Materials

The following marketing materials can be used to help promote the VYLC Program:

  1. VYLC Information for Students and Parents PDF 1.5mb | RTF​ PDF 3.8mb
  2. VYLC PosterPDF 352kb | RTF​ PDF 3.8mb

​For more information, email: vylc@edumail.vic.gov.au

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